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Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 title sequence takes us on a trip around a very bloody Los Angeles

It's called Hell-A for a reason.

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We're now less than a month away from Dambuster Studios' Dead Island 2 arriving on PC and consoles, which is probably something that most people would never have put their money on this time last year. But regardless, the game is almost here, and now as part of the continued push to get us all hyped up and excited for it, THQ Nordic has now shared the title sequence for the game.

This short video takes us on a trip around a very gory and bloody Los Angeles, and gives yet another example for why the location is dubbed Hell-A in the game. We get to see a blood-splattered Walk of Fame, an eerie Santa Monica Pier, and what seems to be a devastated Beverly Hills.

Check out the video below, see some of our thoughts in our preview here, and also be sure to play Dead Island 2 when it arrives on April 21.

Dead Island 2

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