Dead Rising 2: Case Zero

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero dated

Zombie prequel releases August 31st

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Capcom have confirmed a release date of August 31st for Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, their Xbox Live Arcade exclusive zombie gore-fest. The game, a prologue to Dead Rising 2 itself, arrives ahead of the full game's release on October 1st. Set three years before Dead Rising 2, and two years after Dead Rising, it chronicles protagonist Chuck Greene's escape from the undead-infested town of Still Creek. It'll cost a mere 400MP. Players will even be able to carry character attributes over to the full game, once it's released.

"With Dead Rising 2: Case Zero we had two goals: provide newcomers with an easy point of entry to the Dead Rising universe, and give fans of the series an insight into what took place after Frank West survived the outbreak at the Willamette Mall," explains Keiji Inafune, exec producer on Dead Rising 2. "We have certainly achieved both of these ambitions but I am equally pleased that we are able to give gamers so much unique and entertaining content at such a great price."

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