Dead Space Remake

Dead Space's creator praises EA for the remake

'Thank you for remaking the game faithfully.'

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Glen Schofield, who helped create the original Dead Space, has thanked both those who worked on the first game and those at Motive who developed the remake.

In a response to a LinkedIn post, Schofield, who has most recently worked on The Callisto Protocol, said "to Motive, thank you for your care in remaking the game faithfully. Congratulations."

It's quite high praise for the remake as it comes from the guy who was in many ways responsible for the first Dead Space game, as he was credited as the creator and executive producer of the 2008 title.

Schofield's not the only one praising the Dead Space Remake, though, as plenty of fans and critics have also given the game a lot of positive comments and great review scores.

Dead Space Remake

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