Deadpool's Tim Miller Steps in for Borderlands Reshoots

Scheduling conflicts meant the original director couldn't be there.

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The Borderlands movie is something we've heard about for years, and though it is closer to becoming a reality now, there is still some work to be done on the film. Namely, there are reportedly reshoots taking place, but without the film's original director.

Eli Roth, who you might remember for his role in Inglorious Bastards or his horror movies Hostel and Cabin Fever, recently had to step away from Borderlands in order to begin work on his new Thanksgiving film.

As Deadline reports, this left Deadpool's Director Tim Miller to take the wheel, as it meant the reshoots could take place and better fit the schedules of the actors in the film. These reshoots will only take a couple of weeks, meaning that soon filming could be wrapped on the movie, leading to post-production work.

Borderlands is set to star Cait Blanchett, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, Jamie Lee Curtis, and a handful of other prominent actors playing key characters from the video game. The script has been written by Eli Roth and Craig Mazin, of The Last of Us fame. Hopefully, this means even if plenty is changed, the adaptation will remain as faithful as possible.


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