Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Destiny 2: Beyond Light gets reissued Moon and Dreaming City gear in upcoming update

Some Stasis abilities will also be receiving severe balancing.

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It's been a while since we've had a TWAB (This Week At Bungie), but that drought is finally over, and now we've been met with a variety of upcoming changes coming to Bungie's loot-shooter game.

Starting off, and the most interesting part of this coming update will be the reissued Moon and Dreaming City gear that will see a bunch of items that are coming to the end of their respective Light Level cycles, back with new perks and a higher capped power level. For the items that are coming back, each will be available in the locations you would've found them originally, and starting in Season 13 (which starts in a few weeks) you can begin to re-collect them for your loadout. Check out what is returning in the image below.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light

The Tokens system that is currently in place will also be seeing a rework in Season 13 that encourages players to actually cash in their earned Tokens for useful resources and gear. Avid Destiny players who have thousands of these Tokens will know how limited the current system is, so seeing a rework that adds endgame, expensive resources gives an extra boost of motivation for players to claim the rewards. You can check out an image of the new system compared to the old below.

Destiny 2: Beyond LightDestiny 2: Beyond Light
Old Tokens system on the left, the new system with more impactful rewards is on the right.

A few Stasis abilities will also be seeing a few tweaks to limit their potency. The main focal point is the Hunter's Revenant class that will be taking several hits to its Shatterdive ability that has been causing havoc across Crucible since its introduction. The Titan's Behemoth Stasis class is next one the cards, although that will be at an undetermined future date.

A whole bunch of bug fixes are also on the way, taking aim at MIDA Multi-Tool's Catalyst drop rate, the Unrelenting perk, and certain Triumphs not coming up as completed when they should. You can check out the full bug fix list in the TWAB.

Both the Stasis changes and the bug fixes will be going live as soon as Tuesday, January 19, but we will have to wait until Season 13 to get our hands on the reissued loot and the reworked Tokens system.

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