Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Destiny 2 delays Witch Queen expansion to 2022, will get crossplay in Season 15

Sunsetting will be sunset, and the Vault of Glass and Armour Synthesis will be arriving in Season 14.

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A massive developer update has been detailed by Bungie that revealed a whole bunch of new information regarding its sci-fi shooter Destiny 2. The post itself is rather bulky, so I've condensed it down to the most important points below.

First of all, the Witch Queen expansion set for later this year will now be arriving in early 2022, as Bungie "needed to move the date in order to make sure that both this year's updates and The Witch Queen were both delivered at the quality we strive for, and on a schedule that made sense for everyone involved."

But, some more good news is that another expansion has now been revealed to be coming after Lightfall to complete the first saga of Destiny. No word exactly as to what this will be yet, or the sort of time frame we are looking at has been noted.

Sunsetting will finally also be biting the dust. The controversial form of balancing has seen lots of different views since its introduction, but it will be taking a hiatus as the team looks for a different balancing option. All gear obtained in Season 14 and beyond will no longer have an infusion cap, and can be levelled to reach max Power permanently.

On the topic of Power, each consecutive non-expansion season will now also only be getting a Power-cap raise of 10. This change has been designed to "make it even easier to pick up and enjoy Destiny each season, while still allowing us to have a deep RPG Power pursuit."

Crossplay will also finally be making it to the live game in Season 15, for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox players to be able to cause havoc across the system together.

Vault of Glass has finally been noted to be arriving in the upcoming Season 14, and will even feature a Master version, for the really elite players out there to grapple with.

Last of all, the transmog system that was previously detailed now has an official release date of Season 14 as well. This system, known as Armour Synthesis will see players be able to outfit their armour to look like other armour, through a new ornament system. Armour changed into an ornament will also become a permanent ornament to be used whenever in the future.

You can look into reading further into each of these points, at the blog post linked above.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light

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