Destiny 2: The Final Shape

Destiny 2: The Final Shape reportedly delayed to June 2024

While Marathon has been pushed to 2025 after layoffs at Bungie.

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2023 might have been one of the best years ever in terms of games released, but it's been horrible for many of the folks making these astounding experiences. We didn't come far into this week before another example of the latter appeared.

Bloomberg's extremely trustworthy Jason Schreier claims that Bungie has laid off a yet to be disclosed number of employees today. It sounds like this is being done with little to no warning for those affected, as Bungie's Chief Executive Officer ,Pete Parsons, told the staff in an internal email that there will be a meeting where they'll be "hearing some news today".

We're apparently not talking about an insignificant amount of people either, as Schreier's sources also state Destiny 2: The Final Shape has been delayed from the 27th of February, 2024 to June, 2024 as part of these changes, while Marathon has been delayed internally from 2024 to 2025. Bungie has yet to say anything officially about any of these claims, but expect confirmation as soon as its marketing department and lawyers have approved the public statement.

PS: It's worth noting that this is another example of layoffs happening just before we go into a new month, which means the employer doesn't have to pay insurance and such the following month...

Destiny 2: The Final Shape

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