Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Destiny 2's Season of the Chosen has arrived with a hefty patch

The latest season update is bringing a very meaty patch alongside it.

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The latest seasonal update for Bungie's shooter Destiny 2 launched last night, alongside a patch bringing a whole range of bug fixes and tweaks to various aspects in its sandbox. As the patch notes are very, very long, we've picked out some of the most notable changes that have been delivered, but you can read through the full list right here.

To start with, Stasis freezing has been tweaked so that it is less overwhelming particularly in the Crucible. Players will now have twice as much health before being shattered after being frozen, but will take extra damage from Special weapons upon being hit by the crowd-control. Primary weapon damage to frozen players has now been lowered, however.

Various Catalysts that were unobtainable due to content vaulting are now re-accessible, with their descriptions and sources also being updated to reflect so.

Rocket Launchers have had their damage increased against mini-boss enemies, with various other weapon classes being tweaked in the stability, flinch and camera movements.

Mouse and keyboard controls have had a significant decrease in its recoil scalar, to further bring it in line with controllers as Bungie undoubtedly prepares for a crossplay launch soon.

The full scale of the Power cap has been revealed, and now the floor is 1100, the soft cap is 1250, the Powerful cap is 1300, and the Pinnacle cap is 1310.

A change has also been implemented to the Zavala voice actor for the Polish, Russian, and Brazilian localised versions of the game, although this is only temporary.

As mentioned earlier, as the patch notes are very long, you can be sure to check out everything that was introduced at the link above, which also includes lots of bug fixes and various numerical values coming with a lot of these changes. For more Season of the Chosen content, be sure to check out the season trailer below.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light

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