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Details on competitive play for Fortnite coming soon

This is on top of the E3 celebrity event.

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite: Battle Royale are two games competing in the Battle Royale space, but the former has made much more of an impact on the esports scene with competitions at the Intel Extreme Masters events in Oakland and Katowice, as well as at other events like TwitchCon, with Fortnite only having a handful of small-scale tournaments so far.

As we reported earlier, though, at E3 we'll be getting another competition for Epic Games' title, as the developer has announced that we'll be seeing teams clash as part of the Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am, a tournament which will pit celebrities against one another, including "some of the world's greatest athletes and entertainers with top Fortnite Battle Royale players from across the globe," they write.

The teams will be built soon, and we'll receive more information in the coming months, but there's no shortage of candidates to pick from. Consider hip-hop artist Drake recently broke Twitch records by streaming the game with Ninja, we could even see both of these figures in Los Angeles to compete this summer.

That's not the end of the good news for Fortnite fans though, as Epic Games snuck in a little added extra at the end of this announcement: "details on the first season of competitive play coming in the next few weeks!" This means that those wanting a competitive edge may be able to get their fix shortly, and that more esports may be built on top of this.

What do you want to see from competitive play?

Photo: Epic Games

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