Deus Ex

Deus Ex mod gets authorised by Square Enix

15th year anniversary of the game celebrated.

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Square Enix and Eidos Montreal are celebrating the 15 year anniversary of the classic Deus Ex, a game which was originally released back in 2000, and the modder "Caustic Creative" has made their job a whole lot easier.

The fan-created mod called Revision gives the game an overhaul of both the game's soundtrack and environments, as well as new gameplay modes. Revision is apparently so well made that it got authorised by Square and Eidos, and you can now enhance your experience by downloading it for free over on Steam.

Caustic Creative's John French (creative director) made the following statement regarding Revision:

<"Revision is a complete overhaul of the original Deus Ex. We bring in new level design, new music, and new world-building detail. On top of that, we also bundle in some of the best enhancements the community has to offer: high-detail textures and models, Direct3D 9 rendering, and alternate gameplay modes. Revision is our love letter to the game and its fans."

If you don't own the Steam version of Deus Ex you can now get it, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution, at a discounted price on Valve's online store. Check out the Revision launch trailer below:

Deus Ex
Deus ExDeus Ex

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