Development of Dauntless on Switch "in the works"

We catch up with Robin Mayne and Ian Tornay from Dauntless developer Phoenix Labs.

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We caught up with Phoenix Labs' Robin Mayne and Ian Tornay on the PAX East showfloor to talk about their free-to-play monster hunting game Dauntless that's currently in beta on PC with three million plus players having experienced the thrill of the behemoth hunt on the Shattered Isles.

"We love bringing Dauntless to PAX," says Tornay. "PAX is just such a great setup for gamers, in general, and we always get such a warm reception. We put a lot of effort into bringing as much of the Dauntless experience as we can to the showfloor and allow people to play together, which is really the soul of what Dauntless is. In terms of the three million players that have already checked out Dauntless, and we hope many more to come, our vision for Dauntless was always a longterm live product, service-based game that we could continue to delight people, bring them in from around the globe. If you love it, find easy ways to bring your friends in, and expanding the platforms we provide that gameplay experience on. Being free-to-play we think is a great way to welcome anyone who is interested in this genre."


The conversation also went into the basic premise of the game, the characters, equipment, and crafting, as well as the seasonal approach of events that Phoenix Labs are taking.

Dauntless is due to release fully this summer when it also comes to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (and the Epic Games Store). But that's not all as Phoenix Labs are working on a version for the Nintendo Switch.


Have you tried Dauntless and if so how do you feel it measures up against the likes of Monster Hunter: World?

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