Devil May Cry HD Collection

Devil May Cry HD Collection won't add or change content

Capcom confirms it's identical to the 2012 collection.

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Capcom has updated the official website for the Devil May Cry HD Collection, revealing the new collection is actually identical to the 2012 one, which was released for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. The info mentions that no changes were made to the game's content, and warns that some cutscenes were not optimized for HD displays. It does, however, state that the collection was "enhanced for the latest generation of gaming hardware".

A few weeks ago it was confirmed the Devil May Cry HD Collection will not support 4K on either PS4 Pro or Xbox One X, and is limited to 1080p. The collection includes Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 2, and Devil May Cry 3, with a release date scheduled for March 13.

Devil May Cry HD Collection

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