Diablo IV

Diablo boss thinks the game would make a great TV show

"I definitely think it could work," said franchise lead Rod Fergusson.

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With the success of Fallout, and the widespread hits that video game adaptations are becoming as of late, a lot of gamers are wondering which of their favourite titles could be adapted next.

Over at Blizzard, it seems franchise lead Rod Fergusson believes Diablo has a lot of potential if it was translated to the big or small screen. Speaking with Windows Central, when asked whether he thought Diablo would translate well, Fergusson had the following to say:

"Yeah I definitely think it could work. That's one of the things I really liked about Diablo as an IP, is that it's got very relatable themes because it's The High Heavens versus The Burning Hells, and that idea of Good versus Evil. I think that's something that could translate very well to something like that. You know, I wish I had something I could talk to you about today. But in terms of just the general idea, do I think it could work? I definitely do."

Diablo is already well-known for its cinematics as a franchise, so perhaps it would have potential as a show. A potential problem is translating the gameplay over, so that the show feels like a proper homage, but there's definitely plenty of story for the showrunners to dig into.

Diablo IV

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