Diablo IV

Diablo general manager wants people to have fun with busted builds

Rod Fergusson doesn't want to take away people's fun.

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We've seen plenty of busted builds in Diablo IV since the game launched, but according to the general manager of the franchise Rod Fergusson, there's no problem with that. According to Fergusson, our best moments in the game are made when we feel the most busted.

In a recent interview with Electronic Playground Network, Fergusson explained a little more about what he meant. "Sometimes you focus on balance, and not fun," he began. "Like, you can be like 'everything has to be on the same level' and that you're really striving for fairness, but the thing about a Diablo game is that those overpowered moments that when you feel like you're cheating or that you feel like you fooled the development team by taking advantage of some exploit, it can feel really, really fun. So that's what we've tried to embrace, and now in Season 2, the Ball-Lightning Sorc' [build] is ridiculous, but we're just like "let them have their fun, we'll deal with it later.'"

So, Fergusson isn't saying that your broken build will be around forever, more of an "enjoy it while you can" type of deal, really. In time, we're going to see new patches, buffs and nerfs that'll give us new overpowered builds to enjoy. But for now, don't feel guilty about making that ball-lightning sorcerer.

Diablo IV

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