Diablo IV

Diablo IV is going to let you playtest the new loot rework

Players have begged Blizzard for a PTR, and now they're getting one.

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Diablo IV's fourth season is bringing in some massive changes, including a loot rework that should hopefully solve a lot of players' problems with the grind as it stands right now. Season 3's launch was rather rocky to say the least, but hopefully things can change.

In a new stream (via PCGamer), Diablo IV's associate director of community Adam Fletcher said that even though a PTR is getting introduced to help the launch of Season 4, that's not going to be guaranteed going forward.

"It depends on the scale of changes that we have, but for season 4 we most definitely plan on having a PTR."

The goal of Season 4 is largely to change how valuable items are to players. No matter whether loot is applicable to your upgrade path, Blizzard wants you to seriously think about trashing or keeping items.

Diablo IV

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