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Diablo IV

Diablo IV is the fastest-selling Blizzard game ever

The game launched today...

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Those of us with the Ultimate Edition have already been enjoying the game IV quite a lot for a few days already, but Diablo IV launched for real a few hours ago. Giving people who buy special versions of games early access to them have always been controversial and fascinating, and they lead to some special feats as well.

Because a press release reveals that Diablo IV has become Blizzard's fast-selling game ever. Kind of weird to say hours after release, right? That's obviously because they've counted pre-launch unit sales, but they don't actually give us a number. Or, that's not true. We're told Diablo IV has been played for 93 million hours, which is longer than 10,000 years, since early access started last week.

Diablo IV

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