Diablo IV

Diablo IV Season 3 has not been delayed

Apparently we'll hear more on the upcoming season in the coming weeks.

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Diablo IV's second season is set to end on the 23rd of January, and as time counts down to that end date, fans are getting more anxious as very little is being revealed about what's set to replace it.

However, according to global community development director Adam Fletcher, people have no reason to worry. When asked if the third season had been delayed, Fletcher simply responded by saying "nope," and when asked if there's a new campfire chat coming, he had the following to say:

"Not yet - but everyone will hear more about it in the coming weeks along with a stream date."

As we're two weeks from the end date of Season 2 today, time is ticking, and hopefully we'll hear something soon, otherwise it seems that Diablo IV players might be stuck in the Season of Blood for a little while longer.

Diablo IV

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