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Battlefield 2042

DICE has published a new blog detailing what it has learned from the Battlefield 2042 beta

The team has upped the number of tanks on Ortibal and a nearby Grenade Indicator has been added.

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When Battlefield 2042's open beta launched earlier this much the reaction from fans was pretty divided. Some praised the shooter's newly introduced aspects such as its customisable Specialists, whereas others demanded it to be delayed for a second time due to its glitches and imprecise shooting. EA and DICE have heard these criticisms from fans and have published a new blog post acknowledging the issues.

In the post, the team outlined some changes from the beta that will be in the final build. The number of tanks on the Orbital map for next-gen consoles and PCs has been upped from four to eight and a nearby Grenade Indicator has been added. Additionally, entry and exit animations have been shortened and elevators will no longer behave strangely.

They also reiterated that the beta was an older build and will not be reflective of the experience on day one. A large overview map of the battlefield was disabled in the beta build, but it will be accessible by pushing the M key on PC. It was detailed too that cross-platform chat will be coming to the series for the first time on consoles, enabling all players to communicate via text.

You can take a look at the blog post in full here.

Battlefield 2042

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