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DICE wants your helping designing new Battlefield map

Studio asking for ideas from the community.

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If you're still playing Battlefield 4 and you've a great idea for a potential map for the expansive shooter, then get in touch with developers DICE, because they're going to be making a new map in conjunction with the community and they want your thoughts.

"There's a piece of content coming in 2015 that we're really excited about. We will build a Battlefield 4 map together with you - the community. Together with our development team, you will get to shape a playable map based on your input and expertise on what makes a fun multiplayer level," creative director Thomas Andersson revealed.

"This map will then be tested and tweaked in the CTE (Community Test Environment), available for Battlefield 4 Premium members," Andersson said on BattleLog. When it's done, the map will be a free download for all players on all platforms.

In the same post DICE also confirmed that "the Winter Patch" will be available in March, and it'll improve netcode and soldier collision, and they'll also be tweaking the Squad Obliteration game mode and making it the "lead competitive game mode for Battlefield 4".

Battlefield 4

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