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Road 96

DigixArt reveals Road 96 at The Game Awards

The studio behind 11-11 Memories Retold and Lost in Harmony have announced their third title.

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DigixArt, the studio behind 11-11 Memories Retold and Lost in Harmony has announced the next title it plans to release. As part of The Game Awards show, the studio led by Creative Director Yoan Fanise showed off a look at the new title called Road 96, which is a procedurally generated narrative adventure where you must escape a country on the brink of collapse.

In this game, you can expect to have to make a series of impactful decisions of which will define and change the experience for every playthrough. Built as a homage to road trip movies and series and packed with a 90s style of flavour, this title will ask you to travel multiple times to learn the true personalities and connections of the people you encounter. Perhaps it will even influence the decisions you make down the line.

"For our third game we wanted to recapture the road movie atmosphere in a video game, a genre that I'm particularly fond of," said Yoan Fanise, DigixArt Creative Director. "Our main focus was to recreate the experience of random human encounters, and design an emotional journey that would be both special and fits everyone's tastes. After a lot of prototyping, we managed to build a narrative system that is really promising and powerful."

Check out a look at the announcement trailer below.

Road 96Road 96Road 96

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