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Dirt Rally

Dirt Rally VR out today as DLC for PlayStation VR

Or it comes included if you buy the game at a special promotional offering.

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Dirt Rally is one of our favourite racing games over the last couple of years. It was very good on PC and, one year later, amazing as it arrived on consoles. Today, Codemasters conquers another platform with Dirt Rally PlayStation VR DLC Add-on. The DLC adds support for the PSVR headset in every regular game mode found in the old game, and also offers a new co-op mode. A second player can join the game and take the co-driver role.

The VR DLC is priced at a tenner, but there is also a new DiRT Rally Plus VR Bundle including the main game, the new VR DLC and also older expanions Ford Pack, Mini Pack and Rally Cross Pack. Normally it would be £57.99, but you can get it from the PS Store for £39.99 until February 27.

Dirt Rally

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