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      Disney+: What to watch in November 2022

      Christmas is obviously closing in, and no one knows more about this than Disney.

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      As we recently did with Netflix, today we're continuing our efforts of informing you about the most exciting and interesting movies and shows that will be popping up on Disney+ over the course of November.

      TV series

      Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted Showdown - November 9

      Save our Squad with David Beckham - November 9
      David Beckham is back where he belongs, in East London. He is there to help the league that started everything for him, and will assist Westward Boys to reach success. Unfortunately, these guys haven't won a single match yet, so it'll be quite the challenge, even for one of Britain's best footballers of all time.

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      Disney+: What to watch in November 2022

      Zootopia+ - November 9

      Family Guy S21 - November 16

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      Santa Clauses - November 16

      Disney+: What to watch in November 2022

      Andor: Episode 12 - November 23
      The best reviewed Star Wars series yet from Disney ends its first season on November 23, when we'll probably be left off with a nasty cliff-hanger to setup for the already confirmed second season, which will also be the last and end at the beginning of the movie Rogue One.

      Mickey Mousekersize - November 18

      Legacy: The True Story of The LA Lakers - November 23

      Buried Secrets of WWII - November 30

      The Patient - November 30
      We know that Steve Carell can be really funny, but can he carry a psychological thriller as well? That will be answered in The Patient where he plays a therapist who has to help a psychotic pathetic to suppress his desire to kill.


      Willow - November 30
      A brand new sequel to George Lucas' 1988 fantasy adventure "Willow". The Nelwyn wizard returns, years after rescuing the infant empress Elora Danan, to lead a group of misfit heroes on an incredible mission in a fairy tale fantasy world in which Warwick Davis himself returns as the protagonist Willow.


      Mary Poppins Returns Sing-Along - November 11

      Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel - November 11

      Disenchanted - November 18

      Disney+: What to watch in November 2022

      Mickey: The Story of a Mouse - November 18
      Even though you surely know about Mickey Mouse, there's probably a whole lot you are not aware about. That's where this documentary comes in handy as it will teach you all you need to know about the possibly greatest pop cultural icon of all time.


      The Guardians of the Galaxy: Holiday Special - November 25
      Guardians of the Galaxy is back with a third movie next year, but we will actually get to meet the crew this month in James Gunn's upcoming Holiday Special. It's actually not just a fun spinoff either, as it is considered sharing continuity with the movies. Basically, don't miss this one!

      Disney+: What to watch in November 2022

      Mickey Saves Christmas - November 28
      Older fans of Disney probably miss the stop-motion movies of yore, and therefore we're happy to tell you that Disney has something in store for you all. Mickey Saves Christmas is a stop-motion film, seemingly crammed with the Disney Christmas magic we all love.

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