Divinity: Original Sin II

Divinity: Original Sin II gets its third free DLC

Larian Studios to add a third free DLC drop to its successful RPG Divinity: Original Sin across all platforms.

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Larian Studios announced the addition of its third free DLC drop for Divinity: Original Sin II just recently and the update is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the newly-released Switch version. The DLC drop, titled Order & Magic, brings a new follower, new items, powerful spells, improvements as well as the friend invite feature for the Switch. Want to read about the entirety of the DLC contents? Here you go:

Pet Power

Pet Power greatly enhances the summoning class and its infusion spells. With this feature, you can cast infusion spells on all available summons, not just your own Incarnate. Each summons receives different skills depending on the base elemental infusion type.

Combat Randomiser

When entering combat, one or more random enemies will receive one of the new special statuses created specially for this feature. Think you know how a particular fight is going to go down? Not any more! This will change everything you thought you knew about combat, with each battle presenting a fresh new challenge.

Nine Lives (Black Cat+)

Transforms the Black Cat into a follower. Once rescued, a whistle will appear in your inventory. You can use this if your cat gets lost or if you want to change who it follows.

Improved Organisation

Find a collection of special bags that allow you to better (and automatically) organise your inventory.

Sourcerous Sundries

In each major hub, you can now find a mysterious vendor selling exotic and potent artifacts. These artifacts can upgrade a character's gear with immense power, bringing them up to the players' current level.


Tired of forgetting to switch to your 'haggling' character when talking to traders? Now the reputation and skill of your whole party can help you wrangle the best prices!

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Divinity: Original Sin II

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