Do you want an AI grill?

It will only cost you $3,500.

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Seer Grills used CES 2024 to showcase their new Perfecta Grill, and like everything else these days - it has AI.

However, it must also be mentioned that the Perfecta is said to grill and cook just about anything that used to be living in two minutes.

It's a vertical infrared oven, much like the first burger grills used by Louis Lassen, and doubles as a pizza oven and toaster/grill apparently.

They idea is that it heats meat from both sides at once, using high-power infrared, that a crust/searing is made so fast that liquids can't escape, thus making the meat juicy and succulent. According to Seer, it will heat to 900 degrees Celsius.

The AI is pre-programmed, but is also able to learn over time how you like things.

All this, for just $3,500, but at the time of writing, there is still three days left of a $1,000 pre-order discount.

Do you want an AI grill?
Do you want an AI grill?Do you want an AI grill?Do you want an AI grill?

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