Star Wars: The Old Republic

Dogfighting heading to Star Wars: The Old Republic

Galactic Starfighter expansion coming to subscribers this year.

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Subscribers to Bioware's Star Wars MMO, The Old Republic, will be able to partake in a spot of dogfighting when Galactic Starfighter becomes available on December 3.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Preferred Early Access will follow on January 14, and free-to-play access will start a month after, on February 14. Those who want early access and are not already subscribers have until November 1 to sign up (they'll also get early access rewards, including Gunship "Daring" paint jobs with early Gunship unlock).

The digital expansion will allow players to join in up to 12v12 free flight combat, with factional battles between Sith and Galactic Republic players taking place in space. More details can be found here.

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