Dead Space Remake

Don't expect a Dead Space 2 Remake anytime soon

There might have been plans to remake the sequel though, but it was reportedly cancelled, although EA denies it.

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Just a few months apart, The Callisto Protocol was first released in late 2022 followed by Dead Space Remake in early 2023, with the former being developed by a newly formed studio - Striking Distance Studios - largely made up of the same people who developed the original Dead Space. The EA team that made Dead Space Remake was instead the studio Ubisoft veteran Jade Raymond founded almost ten years ago, Motive Studio.

While The Callisto Protocol underperformed commercially, the Dead Space remake did reasonably well, although EA never shared any official sales numbers. Fans have been requesting a remake of Dead Space 2 as well, but beyond vague rumours and comments from the developers that they are interested in remaking part two, we haven't heard anything definite.

So... is the game coming? Unfortunately, it doesn't seem so, as we recently reported that Motive would instead contribute to the development of the next Battlefield and that they are also working on an Iron Man game. But maybe it was previously planned to be released at some point?

Yesterday, journalist Jeff Grubb said in the Giant Bombcast podcast said that development of the Dead Space 2 Remake had been halted in the concept phase because EA didn't think the first game was selling enough. This in turn led EA to refute the statement to IGN stating that they "don't normally comment on rumours but there is no validity to this story".

And that could have been the end of it, but the fact is that Grubb stuck to his guns and followed up with a new statement, writing on X: "Dead Space 2 was definitely being planned. It had a code name. And they aren't making it now."

Regardless of which party you believe in, there seems to be no Dead Space 2, something even journalist Jason Schreier confirms in a Bloomberg article. Nevertheless, EA knows that the fans and media would be extremely upset if they heard that EA has stopped the development of Dead Space 2, which makes one suspect that it is in their interest that the story does not spread. We'll see if any possibly involved developer eventually gives us the truth via LinkedIn or social media.

What do you think about the matter, was Dead Space 2 Remake in development, but was cancelled by EA, or was it never even considered?

Dead Space Remake

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