Don't Starve

Don't Starve heading to Wii U with new features

Giant Edition confirmed, buy one copy get one for a friend.

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Similar to what happened with indie titles like Stick It to the Man!, Knytt Underground or the more recent Guacamelee, the Nintendo eShop is about to get a Wii U-adapted version of another small but beloved and innovative game.

We're talking about Don't Starve, which for landed on PC before heading to PlayStation platforms. It's a survival adventure with resource management, a creepy comic art-style, and roguelike elements. It was created by Klei Entertainment (Invisible, Inc.), who've added additional features tailored for the GamePad and its second-screen.

The complete title is Don't Starve: Giant Edition, the same as last year's PS Vita version (which includes the Reign of Giants DLC expansion pack - "new characters, seasons, creatures, biomes, and other challenges"), but this new release also includes an Off-TV mode and/or the handy option of a permanent companion map and optimised inventory on the second screen.

Best of all, if you buy the game before June 28 you'll get a second copy for free that you can then gift to a friend. Don't Starve: Giant Edition will launch next Thursday in North America (May 28) and the following week in Europe (June 4). Check out the Wii U trailer below:

Don't Starve

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