Life is Strange 2

Dontnod releases complete season trailer for Life is Strange 2

The fifth and final episode of Life is Strange 2 will be released in less than a week, and Dontnod has released another trailer marking the end of the season.

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The fifth episode of Life is Strange 2 will land on December 3 (on PC, PS4, and Xbox One). On the same day, the physical version of the complete season will hit the market. The first episode of this emotional adventure debuted on September 26 last year so it took the developers seven months longer than the original Life is Strange, mainly because Life is Strange 2 is a much more extensive production. With that being the case, today Dontnod published a new trailer.

The video mainly consists of scenes that took place in the first four episodes, so if for some reason you haven't managed to play the whole thing yet, expect some serious spoilers.


For Dontnod, Life is Strange 2 was a very ambitious project, tackling a lot of deep topics such as homelessness, police brutality, racism, depression, cult religion etc. The studio even established a partnership with a charity called Centrepoint, making people aware of how big is the problem of homelessness amongst young people (you can find out more about that in our recent interview with the charity).

As for what we can expect after Life is Strange 2, Dontnod recently announced Tell My Why, another episodic adventure consisting of three episodes that will be released in the middle of next year and that will allow you to play as a transgender protagonist. In addition, we're still waiting for Twin Mirror, as well as another mysterious project being made in cooperation with Square Enix.

Life is Strange 2

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