Dota 2

Dota 2 joins the Esports World Cup in Saudi Arabia

The Riyadh Masters is making up the major esports festival.

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While you may not be familiar with the Esports World Cup, you will no doubt recognise the name of Gamers8, which was what this mega esports festival was known as last year. Taking place in Saudi Arabia's capital, the major esports gathering will see tournaments spanning a multitude of games and supposedly featuring another whopper of a prize pool. Now we know for a fact that Dota 2 will be part of this event.

The Esports World Cup X account has confirmed that Dota 2 will be in attendance for what is being dubbed the Riyadh Masters. While the date for the event or even any finer details are yet to be confirmed, it is noted that this will be "biggest tournament esports has ever seen", suggesting that it will again offer a monstrous prize pool.

Will you be watching the Riyadh Masters later this year?

Dota 2

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