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Dota 2's next LAN event merges underperforming regions

As 2024 takes shape for Dota 2, it seems we're going to see more merging of smaller regions.

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BetBoom Dacha Dubai will kick off the competitive year for Dota 2. In what is usually a break period for eSports, fans of the MOBA will get to enjoy top-tier players clashing from the 3rd of January, 2024.

However, if you're a fan of the North American, South American, or even Chinese scene, you might be in for a bit of poor luck, as BetBoom announced that for the qualifiers, these regions are going to be merged. They won't all be together, mind you. The NA and SA regions will be put together, and SEA will be merged with CN.

The only bit about this that seems strange is having the Chinese scene merge with that of South-East Asia. China hasn't had the hottest year when it comes to Dota 2, but Azure Ray did just sweep the grand finals of ESL One Kuala Lumpur, so it's hard not to see the potential for great success in the region.

Thanks, Dot Esports.

Dota 2

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