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Dota 2's Pudge has been played in over a billion matches

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Dota 2's Pudge is quietly one of the most popular video game characters of all time. He might not have the same cultural presence as a Lara Croft or Master Chief, but every MOBA has a Pudge, and the millions of Dota 2 players know and love the greedy, disgusting character all the same.

He's the most popular Dota 2 character by a mile, by the looks of things. According to Dotabuff (via PCGamer), Pudge has been played in over a billion matches. He has a pick rate of over 33% meaning around 1 in 3 Dota games have a Pudge in them.

The second-most popular character, Phantom Assassin, is lagging behind Pudge by around 300 million games. This just goes to show that gamers love a big beefy boy, and have done since the Dota 1 days.

Dota 2

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