Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age creator Mike Laidlaw leaves Bioware

He announced this on Twitter.

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Things haven't exactly been great for Bioware lately. Mass Effect: Andromeda didn't perform as well as hoped either critically or commercially, which led to the folks at Bioware Montreal being transferred over to other EA and Bioware studios, and now there's some sad news concerning Dragon Age's creator.

Mike Laidlaw, the creative director of the Dragon Age franchise, has announced that he's leaving the studio after 14 years. He's worked on games like Jade Empire, Mass Effect, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, and the aforementioned Dragon Age series, and many thought he was helming the all-but-announced fourth game in the main Dragon Age series. Unfortunately, though, that's not the case.

Laidlaw says that he's been lucky to work with so many talented and hardworking people, and that he looks forward to seeing where the studio takes the Dragon Age universe in the future. We don't know what he's planning to do next, as we're only told that he'll be "reconnecting with all the amazing games and worlds that my peers have created". Considering he's been hard at work for 14 years, though, that's quite a backlog to go through.

Are you a fan of Laidlaw's games?

Dragon Age: Inquisition

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