Just Cause 3

Dragon punch and ground slam with Just Cause 3's mech

We talked to animator Francis Paulsson about the new Mech Land Assault expansion.

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We had a chat with animator Francis Paulsson from Avalanche Studios about the upcoming new DLC for Just Cause 3 - Mech Land Assault.

Paulsson explained how the content is focused on the new mechs, and a new island called La Krima. He also detailed what goes into working on the animations of the new mechs.

"Mostly it's just what's fun," says Paulsson. "And like punching: 'okay, okay, we're going to do punching, let's do punching'. And also a little hidden feature is if you tilt the camera upwards and jump and punch, you'll do a rising dragon punch. And if you tilt the camera downwards you'll do a ground slam. Those were mainly just me having fun and trying and replacing the actual punch with those animations when I was just game developing. And then I showed it to people and they were happy with it."


If you want to read up on what more Mech Land Assault offers - head over to our hands-on impressions.

Just Cause 3

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