Sonic Forces

Drill Wispon unveiled for Sonic Forces

The development team think it could be the strongest one if you can master it.

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Sonic Colours introduced Colour Powers to the Sonic universe for the first time, and Sonic Forces has taken that concept and built upon it with the uniquely named 'Wispons'. So far we've seen Wispons like Burst, which fires a long-ranged flamethrower, and Lightning, which is essentially an electric whip, but now we've seen what the dev team reckon could be the "strongest wispon there is".

It essentially allows the player to traverse the level and climb walls with the drill dash, while also being a weapon with the drill punch that smashes through and obliterates any enemies foolish enough to stand in your way.

At Tokyo Game Show, we spoke to Shun Nakamura, producer on Sonic Forces, about the new Wispon ability: "So yes, the Drill Wispon is actually a very interesting Wispon. It's very challenging to get good at, but once you get really good at it, we on the development team think it might be the strongest Wispon there is. If you're really good you can defeat enemies really quickly and very easily.

In addition to being able to attack with the Wispon, you also have this platform action element where you can ride up the walls, maybe you can get over some of the gaps, and you can really find a lot of interesting shortcuts with this Wispon, if you have good control over it."

Nakamura goes on to explain that each Wispon is unique and can be used in different ways to traverse the stages and fight enemies, along with finding a variety of shortcuts. Check out the full interview with Shun Nakamura below, along with another interview with some of the guys behind the music and the art.

There's also some screenshots of the drill Wispon in action on a newly revealed stage, the Chemical Plant. What's your favourite Wispon so far?

Sonic ForcesSonic Forces
Sonic ForcesSonic Forces

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