'Drive-by' malware download to be prevented by Chrome

A new update launching later this year should prevent some of the risk, although not all of the danger will be prevented.

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Google estimates that 0.002117% of web pages accessed by Chrome contains self-downloading malware, also known as 'drive-by' downloads, according to ZDnet. While the number seems extremely low, it must be taken into consideration that nearly 2 billion websites exist on the web, and its growing daily.

A new feature for Google Chrome will come in an update during March or April, however, that simply stops hidden iframes from activating. However, if a website is programmed to do so, it may disable this drive-by protection, so it won't protect you when surfing unsecured websites.

As the feature is using the Chromium web engine, iOS users won't get this feature even if they update to the to version 73 of the web browser.

Are you relieved to hear this news though?

'Drive-by' malware download to be prevented by Chrome

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