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Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson made enemies with several DC executives

The actor allegedly made several demands as part of his inclusion into the DCEU.

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Say what you will about the films he appears in, but as a person, Dwayne Johnson is very well liked in the industry. He is certainly not known for making enemies with actors or studio people. But when it comes to the Black Adam movie and Johnson's role in the DCEU, it seems that he actually pissed off some of the heads at Warner. His ambitions were clearly set high from day one and he pushed hard for Black Adam to become a recurring, important character within the universe, an epic showdown between himself and Superman, as well as being included in the credits of at least one of DC's animated films.

He had a very different vision than studio executives, and apparently also demanded that the New York premiere of Black Adam include heavy promotion of his own Tequila. Despite the film's PG-13 rating. In the end, we know it all came to a head and the Black Adam film was both the start and the end of his DCEU career. Sounds like he wanted a little too much of the pie, perhaps?

What do you think, did Johnson get a little power mad?

Black Adam

Thanks, Variety.

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