Dying Light

Dying Light has received its PlayStation next-gen patch

It offers improved performance on both PS5 and PS4 Pro.

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Techland has released the "next-gen" patch for Dying Light, bringing a wealth of performance improvements for the PlayStation editions of the game. Available to download and check out now, the update offers three video modes on PS5 and a couple of improvements on PS4 Pro.

For PS5 this means:

  • Performance mode: "60 FPS in full HD"

  • Balanced mode: "targeting 60 FPS in QHD"

  • Quality mode: "30 FPS in 4K resolution"

As for PS4 Pro, this means two things, an improvement to the 30 FPS cap, and new network utilising the EOS solution.

Xbox One and Xbox Series players might be wondering where their update is. Techland has simply stated on the PlayStation upgrade announcement "Xbox upgrade coming soon". Similarly, a patch for Dying Light 2 Stay Human is also still being worked on, so we can look forward to that as well.

Dying Light

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