Mass Effect 2

EA cracks down on Mass Effect-infringing Trump video

Copyrights are hard, but don't go stealing Martin Sheen's voice lines to support your favorite candidate.

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Earlier this week, a supporter of US presidential candidate Donald Trump put together a support video that combined video and audio from a bunch of places. Most of those assets were from Trump's campaign appearances, but in a flash of inspiration the video creator also decided to lift material from an old Mass Effect 2 trailer.

The Mass Effect audio included lines spoken by actor Martin Sheen, who played The Illusive Man in the game series. And EA, who hold the rights to the game series, are having none of that.

The YouTube version of the video has been hit with a copyright strike, but it's still available on Twitter, in case you want to watch it. Be warned though, you're in for some very hamfisted propaganda.

The original trailer that the audio has been lifted from is available below. And remember kids, hijacking content from a video game and repurposing it for a political campaign isn't fair use, no matter how many disclaimers you squeeze into the YouTube description. Also if you're trying to promote a political candidate you may not want The Illusive Man to speak on his behalf. Afterall, Cerberus are hardly the good guys in the Mass Effect series...


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