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Battlefield 2042

EA has revealed three new worldwide maps that will feature in Battlefield 2042

Renewal, Breakaway, and Discarded will be available across all of the shooter's modes.

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EA and Dice have unveiled three more world-spanning maps that will be present in Battlefield 2042. These maps will be playable across the game's All-Out Warfare, Battlefield Portal and Hazard Zone modes, and they will launch alongside it on November 19.

Breakaway is a snow-covered map set in Antarctica that includes ample opportunities for players to secure a height advantage and hunt those down below. Renewal takes place within the Egyptian desert and its landmarks include a Power Station on one side and a Research Facility on the other. Lastly, Discarded will see players exchange bullets within a waterlogged village along India's west coast. The map is said to feature unpredictable weather, and close quarters combat is inevitable within areas such as a Colossus Ship.

You can take a glimpse of these three maps in the video above.

Battlefield 2042

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