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Dead Space Remake

EA Motive already has "ideas" for more Dead Space

A couple of leading developers have talked about what's next for the series following its return.

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Dead Space is back. Following a lengthy hibernation, the Dead Space Remake has brought the survival horror game back onto the gaming scene, with a remake that is very impressive indeed. No doubt many of you who have already played it are wondering about whether we'll be seeing Dead Space 2 getting the same treatment, and this is something that senior producer Phil Ducharme and creative director Roman Campos-Oriola has seemingly also been asked about a lot as well.

Speaking with GQ, Ducharme stated: "For sure, it's, it's a hope that we have. There's interest on my side and I think on Roman's side - you can see his smile - in exploring Dead Space more. There are ideas, that's for sure. We're finishing this week, we're going to be making sure that that launch goes well and that there are as few technical issues as possible. We're gonna be heading out on vacation and then we'll sit down and we'll have those discussions within EA to say, 'Well, what's next?'"

There are even teasers of a sequel in the remake itself, as you can read more about over here. Would you like to see Dead Space 2 get a glow-up?

Dead Space Remake

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