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Need for Speed Unbound

EA shows off Need for Speed Unbound's customisation suite

Between rims, decals, cutaways, and more, there's plenty of ways to make each car your own.

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One of the areas that EA and Criterion seems to be putting a lot of emphasis on when it comes to the upcoming Need for Speed Unbound, is definitely the customisation suite, and the methods that players can make each car their own. To this end, a new trailer has debuted, and this one gives a look at the ways that players can personalise a car before hitting the streets with it.

We're told that there are over 10,000 customisation options, including wraps, rims, cutaways, decals, driving effects, custom audio samples, signature tags, and more. Needless to say, you should have plenty of ways to give a car some unique flair before you take it to Lakeshore City and aim to win some races.

See all the new customisation options in the trailers on the game's Instagram videos below.

Need for Speed Unbound

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