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      FIFA 23

      EA Sports has unveiled an array of anti-racism kits for FIFA 23

      The kits are available for each of the major regional leagues and can be unlocked by completing in-game objectives.

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      EA Sports has unveiled its next step in its anti-racism and discrimination efforts. This comes in the form of a new set of kits that are available to be unlocked and earned by completing in-game objectives, with these kits being tailored to each of the respective regional leagues present in the title, and each pushing their own message to combat discrimination.

      For the Premier League, this kit will feature the No Room For Racism message, with the kit being designed to resemble tribal artwork and being designed by Nike and designer Kingsley Nebechi.

      For LaLiga, the message will be Unity, with the kit boasting prominent blocked colouring across its front and back.

      Bundesliga will use the message Stop Racism and will bring a kit that features purple colours and the message emboldened on it.

      Ligue 1 will go with We Are All Responsible, and will feature a kit co-created with the Signalez logo planted on it, as well as bringing a red training bib that encourages people to step forward and report discriminatory behaviour.

      Serie A's message will be Keep Racism Out, and will use a kit that resembles the league's colours with the message logo across the kit's chest.

      Last of all is the Eredivisie, which will use One Love as its message, and will offer a kit that features various shapes and colours that represent a statement against discrimination.

      Will you be repping any of the kits?

      FIFA 23

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