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NHL 21

EA's monopoly on NHL and UFC will continue for years to come

EA's deal with UFC will last until 2030.

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For years and years now, EA has held the license to produce official video games about National Hockey League (NHL) and UFC. Some have said that because of this, EA has become lazy and doesn't feel like putting a real effort to these annual updates. It seems that what is going on right now, isn't going to change anytime soon.

Games Industry has revealed, that EA has extended its partnerships with the National Hockey League and UFC. These are both "multi-year" deals, and the UFC deal lasts until 2030. There are some limitations to this exclusivity. For example, China is not included.

"The [UFC] partnership will include more forms of play and self-expression, available on more platforms, including expanded future offerings for mobile players. This partnership will also focus on design, visualization, and development innovations for the games to grow and deepen the world of EA Sports UFC, impacting how they play and feel, and how players connect to the sport as it happens."

So it seems that UFC and NHL fans need to find their video game enjoyment in the hands of EA in the foreseeable future as well. And to not expect any change in that.

NHL 21

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