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This budget-friendly gaming mouse definitely punches above its asking price.

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Over the past couple of weeks, I have been testing a couple of new products to come from EKSA. Recently, I reviewed the Fenrir E7000 headset, and now I'm shifting my attention to the EM600 mouse. Similar to many of EKSA's products, this device is a cheaper alternative, meaning it lacks some of the premium aspects found on Razer, SteelSeries, and other well-known manufacturers' products, however this hasn't changed the fact that this mouse has well and truly surprised me.

And this is because it feels and handles like a good quality gaming mouse, despite the fact that it retails for only $24.99. The plastic and rubber body feels classy and smooth, and it glides across a mouse pad, all while providing accurate and responsive clicks and cursor control, essentially doing exactly what you need a mouse to do, and effectively at that. It looks the part, with a design that doesn't come across as basic or too fundamental, as it features tailored curves to suit that of a right hand (hence its ergonomic design), and comes with a bunch of RGB lighting options that are both bright and vibrant. The scroll wheel feels sturdy and works well, and the rubber around the outside of the wheel gives it a good grip. And this is all just when talking about its appearance and handling, as the technology that powers the EM600 only further supports its brilliance.

With nine programmable buttons to customise to your desire, a DPI range of 500-12000, which can be altered at the touch of a button (and is conveyed by the change of colour of one on the RGB zones), a polling rate of 1000Hz to ensure great response rate for your movements and clicks, all on top of the promise of being able to get 20 million clicks from the mouse before it gives out, it is difficult to point out an area that this affordable device is lacking in. Especially when considering it comes with a 1.8m braided parachute cord (so don't expect easy fraying of your input wire), and weighs just 90g, which makes moving it incredibly easy. Yes, it does mean that this is a wired mouse, but unlike headsets, this is more of a common feature for the gaming mouse scene - with wireless systems often significantly raising the price of a device.


It would be handy to have a dedicated software suite to be able to customise the RGB zones more effectively, as all you can do is use a button located on the base of the mouse to switch between 12 unique patterns. It's simple and easy to manage, but more creative freedom would be welcomed, as some of the patterns can be overwhelming in their brightness or style.

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As I noted at the start, there is a distinct lack of premium features, as you'd expect. For example, I like to keep my DPI at 700, which isn't possible to directly reach using the EM600's DPI switches. Likewise, you do notice a less smoother control feel when compared to pricier mice, although it is only a marginal distinction, and similarly, it doesn't quite glide across a mousepad as effortlessly as say the Razer Deathadder Elite, which I have been using for years at this point, and still remains a quality device.

But for $25, you won't find many, if any, gaming mice that offer the features, quality, and easy connectivity (all you need is a USB port) of the EKSA EM600. This is a fantastic, budget-friendly device that I would happily use over some of the more premium mice out there today. Over the weeks I have been testing this gadget, I have found very few reasons to be disappointed with it, and I can't help but recommend it to those looking for a new gaming mouse.

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This budget-friendly gaming mouse definitely punches above its asking price.

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