Elden Ring

Elden Ring mad lad completes no-hit run with a saxophone

No, we don't mean the weapon that blows bubbles, but an actual saxophone.

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Because some people seemingly don't find FromSoftware games hard enough, since Elden Ring has released we have seen a tonne of content creators, speedrunners, and more make the game harder for themselves.

Dr. DeComposing is one such creator, who decided that he'd beat the game with a saxophone. Also, he can't get hit. It's pretty impressive to watch him beat the living tar out of Malenia in a few hits in the video below.

He managed to collect all the Great Runes with this build and through playing via a saxophone, a pretty impressive feat to say the least, but Dr. DeComposing has no desire to stop these challenge runs, as he's going for a no-levelling, no-hit run next.

Elden Ring

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