Elden Ring

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Collector's Edition will cost you $250

The most expensive DLC of all-time?!

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Yesterday, we finally got our first look at Elden Ring's Shadow of the Erdtree expansion and it's safe to say it lived up to the hype. We got our release date of the 21st of June as well, and along with that announcement we got to see the different editions of the DLC.

This is FromSoftware's most expensive DLC, coming in at $39.99 for the base version, which just gets you a code for Shadow of the Erdtree. If you want the soundtrack plus a digital artbook, you're going to have to get the Premium Edition.

Then, if you want the statue and a hardcover art book, your only option is to fork out $249.99 for the Collector's Edition. This is only available to ship to the US and Canada right now, and there are limited quantities available.

Which version of Shadow of the Erdtree are you going to get?

Elden Ring

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