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Elon Musk : "esports will be the biggest sport in the world"

The visionary clearly sees no end to the rise of esports.

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Elon Musk is known for pioneering forward-thinking technologies, including SpaceX, SolarCity and Tesla Motors, as well as his desire to set up a human colony on Mars. He has even said that humans could all be part of the video game of a higher life form.

It's good to know, then, that he has high hopes for esports, potentially higher than the rest of us have. Jason Lake of compLexity Gaming tweeted that Musk said to him: "Before long, esports will be the biggest sport in the world," in fact.

Big claims from a big figure, but do you think this is ambitious from Musk?

Elon Musk : "esports will be the biggest sport in the world"
Photo: Hector Guerrero / AFP / Getty Images

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