Deus Ex

Elon Musk loves Overwatch, but loves Deus Ex more

He recently spilled the beans about his video game loves in an interview.

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Elon Musk is a businessman, technological inventor, and more, not to mention the CEO of Tesla Motors, and has never been one to shy away from sharing his thoughts on things in the world of video games. For example, he previously claimed that we could all be part of an advanced civilisation's video game, and that esports "will be the biggest sport in the world", but in a recent interview he kept things a bit simpler, shedding some light on his own favourite games.

He starts by saying that he plays a lot of Overwatch, however, he talks more passionately about Deus Ex, specifically because he values storytelling and narrative. "I think [storytelling] is really neglected. That's the criticism I heard of the latest Deus Ex, that the storytelling is kind of lame. Whereas the prior Deus Ex, and the original Deus Ex, the storytelling was amazing," Musk explained. "Some of the older games, the graphics and sound were terrible, so they had to rely on storytelling."

What do you prioritise? Fun, online shooters with little story, or narrative driven experiences? Or something else entirely?

Deus Ex

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