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Enlisted focuses on two great battles of World War Two

The Battle of Moscow and The Battle of Normandy are featured.

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A new online multiplayer shooter based on World War Two is coming to PC thanks to Darkflow Software and Gaijin Entertainment. The new team from Riga is developing a game that offers massive battles "with 100 combatants spread over a massive and richly detailed battlefield complete with destructible landscapes"

Instead of visiting the whole war, Enlisted focus just on two of the biggest confrontations: the Battle of Moscow and the Battle of Normandy. Each campaign explores deep inside every phase of these battles with characters and weapons suitable for each historical event.

The PC version is just one of many more to come, Gaijin Entertainment expects. The company promises to reinvest "all proceeds from Enlisted into developing additional maps, game modes and console versions", starting with the African campaign of the WWII once the game generates $250,000 US dollars. Console versions will be produced if revenue comes to $1,000,000.

If you are interested in Enlisted you can pre-order the game and enter the closed beta early here. What do you think of this approach to World War Two?


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