Enter the Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon gets free expansion

Advanced Gungeons and Draguns is out now.

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Enter the Gungeon is a sharp little bullet hell roguelike with plenty of pixelated charm, and it might well be worth revisiting this weekend after the release of Advanced Gungeons and Draguns, a free new DLC update that brings with it a new boss (the Resourceful Rat), new items and synergies, and much more.

As the name implies, this content comes with a fantasy edge, but the developers have "also added many quality of life improvements, including a new ammo box type that refills a bit of ammo for all guns, the ability to send heart pickups to the shop when at full health, teleporters in chest and exit rooms and an option to increase move speed while out of combat."

The expansion is aimed at both seasoned players (who may well find a new secret boss to battle) and newcomers (who'll benefit from more generous loot drops) and is heading to all versions of the game, and the major talking points are explained in more detail over on Steam. Check out the new trailer below.


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